To heal broken heart the best solution is to never let it get broken.

When ever you start a relationship,

  • Always be prepared for worst case scenario.
  • Always have reasons in mind that why a relationship can’t work. In that event you have a harness, a reason for a relationship to no work. Hence whenever you break up occurs, you can save your mind from imaginary reasons in troubled emotional state.

Even if you heart is broken then believe in the fact that people take you on the face value that is the way you behave with them and not what you actually are. Thus if you got more emotional and behaved irrationally and got your heart broken, changing your behaviour might bring some respite.

Believe in one line

  • People who leave you never care for you any more. Thus no follow up, no further connections, no begging etc. In practice this behaviour brings more pain to you since you rejection is escalated. Further if they loved you (really loved), they will come back. In all cases respect mutual decision and move on as soon as possible.
  • Mind hates rejection and hence gets troubled. If some one doesn’t love me I will stop following them immediately. Love is love and not a mercy.

True love only gives but never takes. If you really loved, you must be happy with their decisions. If you are hurt,means you had ego issues and hence it was never love in the first place.