Usually you must not try hard to convince people when they are angry.


  1. If they love you then they will come back by any means.
    1. Love always overcomes all hurdles until or unless it was shallow. We do get angry with people we love but if they are not understanding means they are being operated by ego and not heart.
    2. Let the heart (emotions) come into foray again. It take time but emotions always rush back. Best solution is to give them quiet time.
    3. If they love they will return for sure and again if some one gets upset by small things and never comes back or take snap judgement and never think retrospectively,I guess best thing for your emotional health is to let them go.
    4. DO your job, explain the issues and let them take a decision. This is the best solution.
  2. If they don’t love you or you don’t love them, then it is meaningless to follow since they will be guided by their ego. Ego wants to win by all means. In that case it will end up in a bitter ego play.

Bottomline : Explain your issue once and let the mind cool down.If you follow up more when ego is active,the emotions might never come in and a layer of ego responses will veil their judgement. Emotions return but only when mind is cool.

Chill… world is good if you allow it to be!