I am amazingly cool minded, more than people can assume and imagine.

  • I keep no emotional baggage, none. I have friends who I never had any contact for years, but if I call them now or they call me,bang we are back to normal! Why? Because I never leave relationships with sour ends. I always leave them at a good note. I do not do this for any future benefits or agenda but I know the nature of mind.
  • I have no episodic memory you had a fight with me,ohh.. sorry I forgot! I remember only emotions and I now emotions are in our imagination only. Our mind creates imaginary emotions. I believe only in what you do and not what you say.Many times I connect with people and they remind me ‘Dude we were not talking,right?’ oops! I have a very short memory.Life is short,who keeps baggage.
  • I am a very good listener and councilor. I love people and their stories (genuinely). I can talk/chat with many for hours on any topic. I can connect really fast and move even faster! . I am a very good emotional dumping ground but unlike others I just become a medium for that and do not store energy. I am always a help but never a burden
  • I always start from zero. If my enemies would call me now,I will start from zero and not with a negative emotion. Why ? Mind is amazing,we tend to forget negative details over time. Thence why ponder over things which are long gone. Mind is really amazing and the best thing about mind is that it can make you believe that you are acting from heart! Yes that amazing!
  • I do not have any positive or negative emotions in me for any thing. I let go both. Any pleasure is pain in disguise. I never call nor ever stop. Your call ever.
  • I am neither good nor bad but sort of balanced. Kind of neutral. I live in the moment. If I am with you,I am 100% with you. If I am on Quora,I am fully present. I am not chatting and writing at once. Same with any other task. I don’t multitask.
  • I am amusingly moody. In a moment I am deep in love and next moment I am in rock songs and after some time I am in meditation. Only my inner calm is constant other parameters change.
  • Even though I am quite romantic,it really takes a longtime for me fall in deep trance love.For me friendship is more important than love. In love we have boundaries,expectations and attachments. While friendship can achieve all that with out the complications.
  • I many time know the out come but act as a catalyst for emotions. Some times I help people knowing that they shall be fine in some time and the need will vaporize.I act like a support in many cases. You bone is broken,you get a support but in the end that support shall go away. Your support must not become a dependence. I help people to become emotionally independent.

The best thing about me is that even my haters don’t hate me fully!

I am complex,complicated,confusing,contradicting (one day I am in love,other day I am stoical),unpredictable because I am not there. I am your perception. You see what you want to see in me. I am just a mirror. There is no me out there whom you can read,analyze or evaluate. I am invisible. No thoughts,no emotions,no me. You only met your reflection.

I act for you,I act for myself. You can’t have me,you can’t meet me,you can’t leave me…there is no one but only your reflection. Scary…Right? Talking to me is like soliloquy. I become what you want me to become,I become what I must be in that moment but there is no real me…Nothing to gain or lose from me.