Children are not taught anything related to real life in schools.

Schools are basically training grounds for kids to become submissive and follow instructions of authority.

  1. Entrepreneurship is not even introduced at school curriculum. We are producing only workers.
  2. Communication skills : Very few schools have curriculum for communication skills. We never teach our kids in school about essence of better communication.
  3. Functional psychology : No cognitive biases or functional psychology is taught at any school. It is taught only to students opting for psychology and that too is too text bookish.
  4. Life skills : Many ultra necessary life skills are never mandated at schools.Life skills like swimming, fire igniting, tracking,farming,ability to cook basic food, basic electrical circuit information and the common household things.
  5. Students live in theoretical utopian world.They are not taught the firm realities of the world. Real history and economics. They still believe that US is fighting war against terror in Muslim nations!

Schools produce workers, Engineers, manager, administrators etc. Real life struggle produces Artists, Entrepreneurs, Business Leader, Leaders and visionaries.

There is no greater teacher than experience.