I broke up with my girlfriend for a silly reason.

In my college days I was in a relationship with a nice girl. She was near perfect,talkative,charming (read beautiful),sexy,modern,convent educated and above all faithful.

We used to talk on landline for hours like two hours or even more. She used to narrate all kinds of stories to me. Everything was going fine. We had fixed time for calling usually in the noon when every one slept and she used to come in dining room for calls.

One day I called her on usual time. Only she used to pick up the phone as time was fixed. If alternate arrangements were made, she used to inform me before hand and I never used to call. Now this is such secret that even she didn’t knew it when we broke up.

Out of blue her younger sister picked up the phone. She knew me and used to connect me some times with her. I asked her to connect. She said the ‘Didi does not want to talk to you and never call again!’. I was shocked and since she was often the matchmaker, I believed her. I broke up with her with out trying to reconfirm the truth.

That was my greatest possible blunder. She never said that (I came to know from a common friend later on). She suffered a lot since she had no clue why I backed out or ghosted. A wonderful relationship was devastated in a moment!

Later on she sent me a letter. I disregarded. She sent messages from common friend just to talk once,I ruled out!

I was such a stubborn person those days. To this date I regret the suffering of that cute girl because of me since I never gave her one chance to narrate her stance and position.

That changed me completely. I stopped keeping any emotional baggage. I am always open to all,both estranged friends and foes. I do not want to be the cause of anyone’s dismay. I feel every one should get chance to explain their position. Never do such blunder ever in your life.

I still regret that deeply and ever will.