Love triangle story…Ahh…

I had a friend when I was in college.I choose to call her my friend since I can’t call any one else as my girl friend than that cute Bengali Damsel (S******a) , about whom I mention a lot in my many answers.

Now this girl was also a sweet girl, so sweet that she is the second best I got in my life. We used to chat a lot, about two three hours per day and after that on phone (In those days cell phones were not there and hence , no whatsapp, FB and all…Only land line).

I used to write love letters to her and also poetry and all. Her best friend also used to look at the letters. Some times she also used to punch some notes, for which I used to reply.

One day out of blue, my friend asked me whether i would like to talk to her friend. I said okay, what’s the harm. She is your friend and hence my friend.She was furious! . She said “Don’t go parallel”.

I said what parallel. What do you think, I will hit your bestie and also when you know it!.

Every thing was smooth and I got busy for a while. Then suddenly one day her friend called me!. She introduced herself and said that she reads all my letters an poetry and really likes them. I said , fine.

The calls became more frequent and suddenly my original friend stopped calling me. When ever I used to ask her about my friend not calling, she will say that she i busy with exams. (In those days a lot of restrictions were in place and girls usually called at appropriate time).

Time passed and I was chatting with this friend of my friend daily for abut two to three hours. One day I got to know that this second friend has fallen for me and hence my original friend is very angry !

Soon I made the second girl very clear that , we are ONLY friends. She too accepted the fact and my original friend started calling me again.

Why that sweet story ended ?

I want to make use of this platform to clear any misconceptions. She may read this some time. I called her once and her younger sister, who was also quite frank with me, said to me that I should not call her again. I think her parents knew it some how and wanted to shut it off. Whatever, after this the interactions became lesser and lesser from my side. I was kind of put off by the fact that she couldn’t hid this from her parents and also she didn’t informed me separately. Whatever it all ended abruptly. She later tried to call me and meet me and also wrote a unnamed letter to my place (We shifted when my father retired). But the spark was gone.

I still miss her as a very good friend. Her best thing was her innocence and heart of gold.She was very talkative, chirpy and sweet natured. If she can read this and want, she can still be my very good friend.

Some friend ships are made in heaven also. I love both of you S and N.

PS : This S and Bengali S are different.