The best gifts are always which strike our memories.

  • You can make a new photo album of their pictures together (Some may be unseen by them or totally forgotten), along with some letters written by them in their young age, may be some printed screen shots of their personal messages (If any). Make a scrap book of memories.
  • Along with the scrap book, write a letter to them explaining how much you are fond of them, narrating some life incidence or som funny anecdote. The idea is to make your letter full of words which rekindle memory. Write as you paint.
  • You can write a poem for them or get some good ones from web. Make sure to rewrite them with your hands and not take a printout. Letters are awesomely addictive an olive in your memory for long as they are personalised and often show the effort.
  • Any gift having personal touch and effort is always appreciated by closed ones. The people who really love us care more for the feelings and less for the price tag.
  • For tangible things, clothes are the best gift. Give a T shirt to you father or any matching clothing. Clothes rekindle the best memories of childhood in us. Every body, and I mean every body loves new clothes.
  • I don’t advise for jewellery . Books are also a good option if you know the taste well.
  • You can cook some things for them , if they live with you. Else you can make some pickles or any thing, and send to them.
  • The whole idea is to make your gift personalised and showing effort.

Avoid electronics as elder people are not fond of them.