Women are far more complicated than men.

  1. Women ruminate on thoughts. They always revisit an idea and draw different conclusions and choose one that fits their criteria!
  2. Women’s body, hormones etc. make them far more emotional and complicated. It was observed that any typical women may have mood swings every 10 minutes! They internalise everything and connect everything to everything. If they are upset with their friend then they are upset as a whole. On the contrary men have greater ability to hide and control emotions. We can separate emotions into categories.We behave different rooms for everyone. W behave according to the contents of the room. A man can be upset with someone and happy with another at the same time. But women usually find it hard to segregate emotions. Their minds are intertwined.
  3. Women usually over think on emotional issues. Make hill of mole hill, over blow reactions and love to create drama. Emotion and drama is life of any women and she love that. While men want rather simplified lives. W behave 1000 other task to do, we have to cater many people. In emotional setups, men can think of many different people in one go. But women usually hate to be conflicted. They find ways to reduce clutter and conflict in their life. They usually focus on very few people and hence have impulsive reactions.

Women love emotional thinking and continuously think about them while men think for a while, shut their emotions and watch football.