Maturity is

  1. Ability to understand and not judge
  2. Ability to let go both joy and sorrow
  3. Having the ability to take revenge but still forgive
  4. Taking blames and giving credits
  5. Grey matter in your brain surpasses grey hairs
  6. Giving blanket to a drunken girl and not using her
  7. Saying you did well, go for better than saying you are good for nothing
  8. Feeling empathetic about situation rather than egoistic
  9. Being in the group of savers than eve teasers
  10. Valuing people more than things
  11. Playing to enjoy rather win
  12. The thin line between knowledge and wisdom
  13. Appreciation of good qualities rather than criticism of bad ones.
  14. Nourishing a flower rather than plucking it
  15. Giving rather than gaining