Love is strange.

Ever wondered why so many people suffer in love, even though we all know all peculiarities of love. Almost all of us want true love. We know what is unconditional love but still full to get it or reciprocate if we have a chance.


Reason is our evolutionary brain and our inbuilt preconceived notions. We often strike a chord but love doesn’t mature at same pace in two people. This often causes chaos in relationship. Our evolutionary brain is selfish. This also creates paradoxes more often than not.

It takes a long time to fall in true love. You need to know in and out of other person in totality. We all have layers. We all are humans. We all have all kinds of emotions. It takes a lot of guts to accept flaws in your ideal person. To accept the flaws and later love them is real love.

Relationship is easy but love is damn difficult. True unconditional love is taxing as well as troubling. You can’t have expectations. You can’t have a feeling of getting anything in return. Kind of surrendering yourself before someone. To dissolve your ego, your beliefs, your wants,needs, aspirations for anyone is much more difficult than it seems.

Our ego never leaves us. That is the greatest hindrance.

Thence true out of the world unconditional love is possible only between two enlightened people. Which is again a rarity.

This video might help other wordly lovers.

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