I am sympathetic with you. But love ,relationship and marriage are three different things.

Girls are very clever now a days. They can be in a relationship with someone, till they find someone better. A relationship is actually a make shift arrangement. Till she gets love of her life, you are (not you but anyone) can be a fun back up for free sex and movies and other perks. Girls are using guys for sex too!

Now comes​ love. Yes people fall in love but with the equals. In real life, a girl always falls in love with some one superior to her in all respects.

Next come marriage. Now since I do not approve the concept of marriage, I can only tell you what really happens. Girls after reaching a certain age want a partner who can satisfy her all needs, especially financial (true for 99% of girls). Even if a girl is working and making money, it is her basic tendency to seek financially stable partner. Thus if lovers fail at this juncture,they are again dumped and doomed.

Very few women walk with men on the path of hardships and struggle.

Thus you must forget her now,stop begging, join gym, get a life, hobby,and get a wonderful career, since all marriageable girls (even good girls) are waiting of their prince charming having a lot of love (read comfort and money). Don’t blame women of that. They are evolutionarily programmed for comfort and money. Look you are also evolutionarily programmed to go for the sexiest girl around.

Hence true love is always there,provided she doesn’t get too fat and you don’t get too broke!