All women I loved in my life reciprocated my love.

I was very fortunate in this area. My love may or may not have accomplished but I knew they also loved me, truly,unconditionally.

I was always a play boy, lover boy or whatever name you can call me.

Every time I fell in love , these great caring women led me to the right path!

They at time taught me meaning of trust love and whatever I write here or know. Really women are greatest lovers,if they really love you. Nothing better than them.

I know for sure that even after 25 years, if I need real love, care,affection or any other assistance, my daughter will be the first among all to come to rescue me (I know some real testimonials). Ironically daughters are treated not so well as compared to sons and yet they do the needful as time arrives.

Well in my house, my daughter is the boss

Here is the boss… my love of life…for life…and beyond…