10 reasons why your resume gets rejected by employers

  1. Too long : CV is just information and not a autobiography. Keep it short and simple stupid (KISS).
  2. Too short : If you are not a celebrity and your signature had yet become your CV, don’t write one line resume.
  3. Ideal length is one page for anyone having less than 5 years of experience.
  4. Maximum length should be 2 pages.
  5. Avoid bio data type details like father name, address, hobbies, FB profile link etc. Give when asked.
  6. Resumes have scanning time of 30 second. Starting paragraph is utmost importance.
  7. Include relevant and right keywords as most resumes are sorted by software.Typically punch in keywords described in job description of employer’s advertisement.
  8. Avoid subjective word like hard working, sincere, result oriented etc. Focus on results you actually delivered. List accomplishments, however insignificant they might be.
  9. Always write expected salary as negotiable.
  10. Never badmouth about your previous employer in your resume on in interview.