Love is like an OCD.

You need to keep your harness ready. Once you allow someone to enter your consciousness, it can get nasty.

Love is a complex emotion. It comes,it goes,revisits,confuses. True love takes time.If it is not taking time,its only lust. True love means 24 hours,on person one thought,one heart.

Let me explain. Suppose I fell in so called love with any one. But I go to my gym an I find other girls attractive,I find other girls sexy and I do not see shadow of my love into them. It means for the time my love is turned off. It is immature love in that case.

But this is very healthy otherwise. Let other girls come and try to replace her,if they can,then love was not true and complete,but if they can’t,then my original love deepens and finds strength. One day will come that all the temptation in the world cannot deride my mind from her thoughts and on that day love is completed.

This process takes time and that time is different for different people. If you mature fast in love and your lover doesn’t then you are in trouble else she is in trouble. Hence go slow.