Love is a complex number. Many things are imaginary.

True love do exist but many parameters need to be defined. To reach soulmate stage of love, a long relationship is required. The problem is that our overactive minds are filled with so much trash and overexposed information, that it takes a long time for two people to reach each other’s basic hearts.

You go on defining parameters,conditions,preconditions,postconditions,compatibles,attraction, love and what not. There comes a point when you say , I only want this person what ever might be the conditions, I say love has arrived.

  • True love cannot be undone. If it can be undone,then it was mere attraction.
  • Love stops to think and starts to feel. The moment till which you are calculating,image building,ego clashes,social stigma,pressure from society or what ever,love is not true but attraction and lust disguised as love.
  • To get a Juliet,you need to be a Romeo and vice versa. Love is about synchrony,it is a same music in two hearts,one tune and two bodies. Love is difficult to get,tough to keep but once your mind and heart melt for one person,its spontaneous. You don’t have to think about love.It happens and deepens with time. As more hurdles come,deeper it gets!
  • Yes,in the initial stages, everything is there.Comfort,security,mind games for men and drama for women. If you love crosses that stage then stage of soothing comfort comes. Last stage is mutual enlightenment. With out enlightenment and mental connection,love is just lust and material.

If love doesn’t soothes you,then either it is immature,incomplete, one sided unrequited or attraction.

Secondly if any thing can stop love,it isn’t love.