6 Best advices for love

  1. Treat yourself at par with your lover. Never give them more importance than yourself. Never.
  2. Never accept a second class behavior from potential lover. It’s usually a test. You must have a man’s spine to get a women. Women love manly people. In love these things don’t come into consideration.
  3. Girls are not that sensitive as it seems. They are human and treat them like that. Do not respond to or feed their drama always. Sometimes they complain but want no response!
  4. Women love to discuss problems, share their heart out. They have elephant’s memory. Always think twice before you talk to them about your x,y or z!
  5. Girls are moody, maybe due to PMS and mood swings. Do not always take their comments to heart.
  6. Love is not a constant feeling. It comes and goes. It takes time to get constant feeling of love.

Always make love your secondary goal. Top priority must be your passion.