10 Bitter truth about human nature

  1. World salutes the rising sun. Yes including your parents,spouse and kids.
  2. Love always comes second to career. Always. People who don’t realize it,realize it hard!
  3. Girls are hardwired (evolutionary and not their fault) to select best man available to them. The best often means more money,more comfort and yes more love (in that particular order). This is not wrong since men are also hardwired to go for the sexiest girl available to them. Money or social status do represent capability and talent and I don’t think it is wrong. Girls always have a break up point! If you fall below that level,you are doomed by default.
  4. Love is always more pleasurable than sex in long term. Initially in every relationship,sex part is more.
  5. Some people might find it hard to believe that along with fuck boys (seducers), there exists a class of nymphs or fuck girls!
  6. Teenage love is usually hormones in action.
  7. Girls who marry their ‘richer’ love and ditch their real love for comfort,secretly miss their real love and hope he was as ‘rich’ as their ‘richer’ love!
  8. Clothes do change perception of people around you unless you are Bill Gates or known celebrity like Anna Hazare.
  9. Mind is amazing. I at times find it hard to believe that how mind forgets some one in real time and cares about them no more! I guess there are triggers and cycle sin mind about which we are still unaware.
  10. Pain from break up or heartbreak comes and goes exponentially. It is always double painful than it seems but it always takes half less time to recover. As a matter of fact,the process is balanced. Had a heart break. Don’t worry,pain will subside at much higher pace than you can even imagine.

Life is essentially a circus and we are just playing our roles. Remember life makes everyone ‘joker’ once in awhile.


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