Love never dies but transforms.

Suppose you loved someone but due to some reasons it was not accomplished, then it will remain in your heart as a ‘unfinished feeling’.

But later on it will get transformed to either hatred or love for someone else or find its other course.

True pure love can never die or diminish but changes to better more refined forms. As love deepens you see the unseen levels. In the end love becomes total surrender.

  • Your mind stops to think about pros and cons.
  • Mind stops its total interference.
  • They become your background music, a soothing feeling. Heart start to pour its real feelings. No suspicion, distance,separation remains.
  • Only purpose of lovers is to be with each other and not always do sex as it is in the beginning of relationship.

True love surpasses physical relationships and sex become just a instrument to feel deeper, connect better. For hours lovers can cuddle, kiss,talk or in fact say nothing.

  • They don’t realise nor remember when sex starts and ends.
  • Sex becomes impromptu and not mechanical.
  • People touch, care,feel each other.Kind of infinite bliss. But this stage comes after a much deeper connection.Only absolute lovers (mutual) can reach this stage.
  • You start to guess each other’s mood, sentences and everything. A short distance telepathic connection gets established.
  • True love is melting of two souls to become one and not just fusion of two hormone laden bodies.

PS : Many people may object to this notion and say that it never occurred to them even though they were in true love. To reach such high state of bliss you need total independence. You have to be financially and emotionally free from burdens. You need absolute peace of mind. A quiet place without any future worries. Hence it is quite difficult to achieve.