Romance is not a degree.Romance is life. Romance is freedom.

A romantic person is however

  1. Poetic : He must have a capability to express emotions in words. He must know nuances of love.
  2. High EQ : He must be able to read people like an open book.He must be able to decode nonverbal clues to words and vice versa.
  3. Fashion Conscious: Romance is poetry of love. He must know how to dress and present himself.
  4. Sexual Intelligence : Female body is ergogenic and they send many sexual signals non verbal. Women treat sex as an extension of romance and not a physical pleasure. A romantic person must know the fine line between love and sex and must know which button to press.

If lover doesn’t initiate any sexual interest even after love is confirmed, women take it as offensive stat and often retract.

Woman wants to be loved by her lover at all costs.