Love is all about loving the imperfection in any one.

Love is not when you meet perfect individual of your dreams ( he is nowhere out there).

Love is making the person you have perfect. Love is perfect, lover is not.

When you start to live everything you once hate about your lover love is accomplished.

Love is complete surrender of yourself​ to another. The moment you surrender yourself completely to someone, without having a thought of future consequences, surrender your ego and emotions for right person, love happens.

Yes love is difficult since we have to make ourselves vulnerable, leave out ego behind and stop thinking from mind.

Heart and mind are never good pals. Mind always opposes the heart! Mind always puts obstacles,doubts, insecurity etc in heart. Thus you can either love someone or use someone, nothing in between.

There is nothing like friendship between lovers. Till you rebound to the feeling of friendship, love is not deep and real. It takes time for love to come and go.