The path of life.

We start with ambition (most of us). Even then we want a comfortable life. Due to the nature of mind we start to gather things in order to satisfy our physical needs.

At some point of time, your basic needs are met, you seek a partner,companion. Mind chooses best available partner for you in that circumstance. You get settled (most of us go with so called ‘socially compatible’ partner). Life again starts to roll.

But still we find our mind restless,wandering and searching!

Because at very basic level all humans want true love,unconditional love just like our mothers. If I ask you to remember the best time of your life since childhood,I am sure sleeping in your mother’s lap and asking her anything would top the list.

People can kill other people,die for their mothers.

Why ?

Because of the unconditional love offered by her.

We are by product of emotions and not numbers on computer screen. We love emotions and want someone to share our innermost thoughts. We all crave true love without exception.

However happy we might seem,how ever accomplished we might be to the outer world,our basic need is true unconditional real love. Look how many adjectives I have to use to describe ‘love’. Love is so commercialized now a days that we have to use unconditional true love in order to describe love!

Don’t you feel that love is a complete emotion plus noun in itself ?

Yes we all long love and we are searching for that only in spite of so called ‘everything’ available to us at push of a button. I call this ‘real inner crisis’ of today’s generation.

We are clever,fake to everyone that at one time this fakeness sucks! We all want at least one person to whom we can open our heart out without inhibitions.