I’m another forgetful lazy sloth.

I at times forget to take keys, my purse or even my tickets.

I have a very good short-term memory!

  • Once I was half way on my bike but forgot where was I originally going!
  • About time I was partying in Goa. I had a return train on Tuesday. I went to the station to board the train. There I knew that the particular train runs on Monday!
  • I once forgot name of my new girlfriend. I was almost killed but her friend saved me (she later became my girl friend!). I was calling her by the name of my previous girlfriend and she intervened and said that it was the nickname I chose for her!

Intelligent lassie (one of the very few I met in my life).

  • I forget ways and find myself navigating through Google maps!
  • I’m always preoccupied with ideas, plans, thoughts, psychology, mathematics, mystery,women etc that I find it extremely difficult to focus on current job.
  • I always forget to take my supplements,food,coffee etc. They sit on my table for my approval!
  • I can never find my socks, shirts,shoes etc. I guess my wife has made me too dependent on her. Everything about me is tailored by her. She is my personal nurse. I often joke with her for that.

I only do core job and hence I am quite high maintenance. I focus all my energy on my primary job and hence need support for other non core tasks.

Huh battery dying…hell where the hell is the charger!