Best thing I learnt in my life

  • I learnt my subjects like science and mathematics in school.
  • I learned to write poetry and stories while I was young.
  • I learned psychology and philosophy for my own sake and well being.
  • I learned business tactics and grey psychology to protect my heart and feelings from being used (I am still not very good at it).

But the best thing ?

I learnt few things which are universally applicable to life.

  • Ability to let go. I let go easily and with out thought. I let go all,the good and the bad. We are already naked. We all ought to die someday and nothing shall remain with us forever. Thus why get attached to mortal things. Buddha said ‘Root cause of all sufferings is attachment and desire’.
  • This too shall pass : I have this quote in my room,pasted in front of my desk. Yes everything, even good times pass. Hence I am never swayed away by the good or the bad. I am cool in every situation. I start things with no expectations. If it’s good,fine,if it’s bad,still fine!
  • Human behaviour psychology : I learn covert human psychology (controversial and somewhat unethical). I find this subject most alluring and enriching for my life. This must be taught in the school as a basic skill.

Life is the best teacher.