Never make anyone so important the they can control your life.

Yes you might get temptation to sway everything you have for someone but my friend life is cruel,have your harness ready.

For love like relationships, I never focus on someone completely till she is totally dedicated towards me only,solely and completely.

Keep your options open in case of free fall from fountain of love!

But why ?

Because before committing fully to anyone we operate from our mind.

Mind is like a businessman and always want best deal for us. Hence till when mind is active and heart has not yet taken over,you need protection.

Understand that heart is innocent and can never compete with mind. In fact heart never competes but only shares,gives,helps.

Mind is predatory and is necessary for our survival. Thus till when our minds are operating,never give any one total control over your emotions.

Biggest problems come when one person is operating from heart and other person operates from mind. Since heart is tender,sweet and soft,the mind of another person derives ego satisfaction from surrender from your heart!

Hence never give up you emotional control first and only after proper testing and retesting of genuineness of emotions,step ahead.

People are not what they show or tell but are what they really feel and the way they react to your advances,approaches and good behavior.

It’s not what she says but what she does is important.

Meaning of life even when you lose someone is same as before you got some one. Go really slow while falling in total love. It is always easier to stop in the beginning.