I experienced twice in my life. One bong and other a Bangalore girl.

It sometimes fills my heart with immense pain for the ordeal they suffered because of me and circumstances​.

I know what is real love since I had love as well as relationships​.

True love is revealed through tests or proper circumstances. Relationship gets torn apart in storms and love deepens.

Let me add few details to help you understand better. Even though I have written several times before for then too.

I was a Playboy always. Due to my personality and eloquence (soft skills), I always had more than one love interest. The bong I met was in her class 9th and I was in college. Obviously the age Gap was there. In my times to meet a girl was quite a mundane tasks.

Her love was unconditional because

  • She was exclusive for me. I never heard through any one in colony about her tryst with any one. No talk,no Friendship etc. She only used to come out for me. If I am not there she will shut her door and window. Tested it countless times.
  • She understood my silence,my body language,my aggression whether I am happy or not. She could make out by the time,choice of words, gestures whether I am upset or not. She was intelligent way beyond her age, lot mature. Her exclusive loyalty was her best point for me even when she knew about flirtatious nature.
  • She would get sad if I roam around to catch other birds,but was never angry. She never complained but teased quite a few times about my new love interest (quite many). She never restricted me to do whatever I wanted. I always returned back to her only due to this selflessness​.
  • She never played any mind games whatsoever. Never thought who should initiate conversation, continue conversation etc. Never demanded anything. She even refused all gifts. All. She will take for a moment, kiss and give it back. Will say, now it’s back from me!
  • She was quite rich but never let me feel that I was middle class and she was high class. She at times used to wear same dress for days if I would not change mine (she had 70 pairs at that time. She used to wear new dress everyday before relationship). This was the level of love and commitment. I saw her in same dress for 39 days when I was angry with her since she allegedly spoke to a guy in front of me! She was just clearing the accusation!
  • She was ready to do anything to prove her love. In my time virginity was a big thing. I told her that if she loved me she need to strip down to last bit of cloth. She did it without hesitation. I stopped her in the way but that moved me to the deepest level. Love is surrender without questioning. If that’s not love then what is. Nowadays getting nude is not a big deal but then in late nineties it was a task.
  • She embraced my dares. I was adventurous and jerky. To test her love I once asked her to meet me at 3 am! She had everybody at home. But any how she managed! I was not expecting and was planning to get angry on that pretext!
  • We couldn’t complete our story and that is a different story. But the separation was very difficult for her ( even for me). Don’t know where she is now and doing what (probably reading this!).
  • Second girl was actually before her. The Bangalore girl was a beauty queen of my school. 10/10 with whole school from juniors to seniors after her. Once she committed to me, I haven’t heard any link ups about her. I was in grade 9,young naive,shy and not Playboy at that time. I don’t know why women always got attracted towards me even though I never did anything to attract them. I had two qualities.
    • I never tried to please them. I was honest and genuine. I guess women have this knack to gauge real from fake.
    • I need pretended. If I was angry then I was angry. No hiding of my emotions. Women can sense emotions and I was loaded with plenty of them.
  • This bong girl has all the best options available for her. But once she was committed she was totally mine, completely mine. She was never in two minds. Her love grew day by day. Her care reached new heights. I was (am) quite moody and unpredictable. She understood the reason behind my behaviour and acted accordingly. I used to have her tiffin, her exclusive time and attention. I guess this can happen only when you truly and dearly love anyone. If I say I would be absent tomorrow, she will get absent too! She would stop interacting with other guys,if I felt bad! Note that I never said this to her!

Yes true love exist but in rare circumstance you meet the right person and are still able to retain them. If a lover boy like me met only two till date, just imagine about your chances!