10 things you must know before you turn 22

  1. You will make your career. Don’t listen to all those losers. It will be a experience for lifetime. Life is not as easy as movies but not as tough as what your elders preach you.
  2. Your girlfriend is not permanent. You will forget her more quickly than you ever imagine. Love is rush of hormones. It takes a long time for those feelings to become permanent.
  3. Sex is indeed very good but not something you can’t live without. It is only prohibition which makes it interesting. If sex was heaven, you would not see all those unhappy faces in your morning ride. They had sex last night. Right. Sex is most oversold overpriced drug.
  4. True love happens only when a crisis comes. Before that it is called romance aka relationship.
  5. Life begins once education ends. You really learn from life experiences​.
  6. Love shall find you. Don’t rush. Everyone has his day.
  7. Following your heart in career and love may not bring immediate happiness but in long term there is nothing more soothing and rewarding than this.
  8. Sometimes doing is much more relieving and rewarding than thinking or planning.
  9. Your real potential is at times divulged only if you give yourself an opportunity. Go try lots of stuff.
  10. Friends are not always right and parents are not always wrong.

You are too young now to understand this world fully. Even though you consider yourself too clever and shrewd, believe me you only know 1% of what you will know till you reach 40.

Learning never stops and the world never stops to give you surprises. It’s a cruel place, you know.