Smart people always have analysis paralysis.

  1. They are usually alone since they like their own company more than anyone else. They are often bored with mundane talks with people and most people are too predictable.
  2. Strong mind think alot. They think too much,too many scenarios,too many permutations and combinations. They are so overwhelmed with analysis paralysis that they tend to find it hard to find compatible partners. The ones they get are similar to them and hence proved!
  3. Smart people find it difficult to be happy. They need grand mental stimulation. Things and people bore them quickly. It might be easier to Garner their attention but is difficult to sustain it. They become interested in you, know you inside out and bang,over! To make an intelligent man interested and invested in you is possible only through complete and absolute honesty. They can smell your thoughts! Yes that smart.

Smartness is intelligent enough to understand emotions.