People (women in particular) find me attractive because

  1. I talk sense. I talk things which really matter. I live in emotions and same is with women. I am a good conversationalist because
    1. I listen well. I understand the perspective of other people. I am genuinely interested in stories and life people. I am an observer and try to learn about social chemistry and psychology from these interactions.
    2. I am funny at times. I can shoot good one liners live and do not rely on flaccid jokes.
    3. I am genuine. I don’t fake interest and likings. If I like you, you will sense it. Women like this qualities to the core. What they meet in real life are nice guys who always fake everything to get laid or men who have no sense to talk but only testosterone laden ambitious bluff.
  2. I am always cool. Seldom you can find me anxious or worried. Always calm. Women in particular like men who have low cortisol levels. I guess this attitude is also a winning factor.I don’t keep any emotional baggage. Lost connection, connect me with once, I am back to normal. Ye Is am moody at times but the tis a human quality and I don’t want to hide it to become another nice guy.
  3. I am confident. I look straight into the eyes of women and men. I am not shy. On any given day, I can cold-chat with anyone. I mean anyone! I like someone, I can just start the conversation and in half an hour I am friend with them as it I am with them for ages. I connect really fast and really well!
  4. I am well read. If you start to talk with me about human anatomy, even then you will no the disappointed. I learn a lot every day and I have basic knowledge of a lot many things. Thus I can carry forward conversation with almost any one. Even if I lack knowledge, I try to learn it from others. Being a good speaker soothes your ego but being a good listener nourishes your mind.
  5. I am health conscious, carry myself well, dress well and a bit calm. I guess these qualities are enough to attract any one. Plus I am handsome! (Many women have told this to me and I trust them!).

I guess only quality which might strike to lot of people is that I am anything but a fake.