I go to gym in my lift from parking every day. I used to see a girl every day in lift (not every day but occasionally). She is good looking and her energy was very warm.

I thought many times to jus two have a word with her (with no further intentions). Since she was usually silent and always preoccupied, I always wondered that she might be quite ‘haughty and ostentatious’.

Just one day out of blue, I said ‘ You work upstairs ?’. She paused for a while, looking into my eyes, smiled and said ‘yes’.

That was great. She was not haughty at all for her looks. She was a simple girl. I guess she had this blanket look to fool and distract onlookers and perverts. I made no excuses, said no cheesy lines, was just natural, just asked in flow and bang!

Then I asked few more casual questions and she left.

Lessons reaffirmed (I knew but was again checking).

  1. You can talk practically with any stranger if you make it look that they are your friend. I call her my lift friend, whenever she hits with me on same time.
  2. Be cool, calm , composed, be direct, no learned lines and you are ready to go. I have made countless friends (both boys and girls) while moving in sub rubs,metros,buses, trains or whatever. If you feel and display that you are friend to someone, they can sense it. Just go and talk. Don’t wait and make it complicated. The moment you decide to talk, just go and talk, Don’t stare for long and make it awkward.
  3. Strangers are cool.They are humans with family and relations.They don’t judge you, have no preconceived notions etc. Learnt one fact about girls long before. If you are not confident they know it! Only way and I say only way to gain confidence is to approach. Say hi, ask a address, ask time or what ever. Soon you will be someone who can communicate with anyone instantly.Best method is to leave behind fillers and ask a question directly. Cut short ‘hi’. You did that when you had a eye contact!
  4. I have many such ‘acquaintances’ or ‘friends’ everywhere. I don’t need a lot of friends, I manufacture them on demand!

No one is a stranger. We all are same from inside.