We all want to be heard and validated. When anyone listens to our point of view with attention, it validates our self worth and nourishes our ego. Everyone likes to talk and wants other to listen to him or her. It’s a universal phenomenon.

Active listening and taking genuine interest in anyone is the best ethical seduction hack available out there.

Women want to rant about almost everything bad in their lives. Now who will listen to those rants? The one who has ‘substantial’ interest in the women. Hence those who listen patiently to any women eventually find space in their heart and yes in between their legs (Speaking in a non euphemistic way!)

Can a bad boy fall in love with an innocent girl?

  1. You validate a woman about quality of her thoughts by listening to her properly.
  2. You let her pass her emotional energy to you. In the process you get access to her inner emotional states.
  3. She feels better that she has someone who understands her point of view and want to know the real her.
  4. More Information you have about her inner emotional states, more connection you automatically develop due to ‘Benjamin Franklin Effect’.
  5. I call this as emotional orgasm. Women love when anyone listens to their emotional rants. You know key to physical orgasm with women is giving them emotional orgasm and connection.

Way to a man’s heart is through his eyes and to a woman’s heart is through her ears.


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