Everyone has secret admirers. The problem with many of these people who have crush on you that they have a near perfect image of you in their imaginary world.

The moment you break that imaginary mirage and come out to be normal people, they don’t like you that much. Same thing happens with celebrities. They keep their charm by keeping distances, remaining elusive and doing things which make people want to know about them more.

If you really strat meeting any celebrity day by day, their imaginary mirage in your mind is broken and you will find them very ordinary. They are normal people with some extraordinary ‘special talent’. They feel bored, anger, uneasiness, confidence issues etc. Yes they are too good in their field of expertise. Other than that they are normal boring common people.

Ever had a crush on someone?

How often do infatuations happen than true love?

If they really reach out to you (knowing about your feelings proactively) and start to love you, in 99% cases you will not like them. Mind is strange. Sometimes we want some things at any cost but if we get them without effort we don’t value them enough.

Now coming to your point. Usually these admirers of you are unknown or secretly admirers and openly normal. Its best to let them enjoy what they like about you and not try to break the mirage. You will lose an admirer and will gain nothing.

Lastly these admirers (secret ones) do not admit about their admiration and may even avoid in public. Since they are in awe and love with an image which nowhere exists, let their imaginations live with them.