I said cold ‘I love you’ to a bypassing girl.

In my University times I was quite bold ( as everyone is). We used to roam in groups, kind of Kings of college rather whole town (as everyone thinks in that age)!

I was over charged with that boldness. This time I was alone but I knew help ( read local goons!) was near about. I was always friends with a lot of goons and macho guys if area.

Whatever, I saw a young girl passing by. She was sleak and sexy, kind of provocative. I leeched her ( literally), but since I was quite handsome and well built in my youth, she kind of accepted my looks!

I knew I am never going to see that girl again in my life since she was in market. I took courage and said ‘I love you!’.

Cold proposal!

Wow…she said… ‘you are too direct!’

Never expected it ever in my life!

She remained my girlfriend for six months!

There is one more such incident. I was roaming on my roof top. Suddenly on roof across my street there was another girl. I just asked her name by writing on a big chart ‘ Name ?’. I his that chart as soon as she saw it!

Wireless love letter you know! No proofs!

To my surprise she replied with a chat ‘Shalini’. Wow…cold asking gone good!

To my surprise she showed a love sign like finger in finger,interlocked. Index finger.

She made this sign. I got one important lesson of my life…take your chances…yes she too was my girlfriend for six months…