12 things in India which are heartbreaking

  1. PhD and M tech applying ( read dying) to get peon level government job.
  2. True love not able to complete due to society pressure, moral policing and so called caste, religion and color.
  3. Reservation…nothing more can be said. Enough said.
  4. 80% people living under a 1 $ per day.
  5. Insane income inequality. Both billionaires​ and extremely poor living next to each other and helping each other in reaching their goal!
  6. Extremely rich societies as well as drench level poor colonies, both in same city.
  7. Hypocritism at its world best.
  8. Politicians giving a run for money to actors!
  9. Extreme double standard of Girls ( most girls) in choosing lover (read time pass, ATM, Personal help) and ‘boy chosen by their family’). They are not afraid in having affairs but extremely society conscious in moving ahead of things go south ( read money issues!).
  10. Dowry being greatest investment for groom ( who is capable and already earning too much).
  11. Extremely money minded society. You can gauge you value by Clothes, accessories,car, house and all monetary possessions.
  12. Unfathomable hypocrisy and hollow societies. ( Universal though).