9 most romantic moments in life

To me, let me use my imagination.

  1. Sitting with her in a quiet lush green park, in silent evening, with not many people around, holding her hands,palm in Palm, she leaning on my shoulder, not saying anything, listening to the music of nature, immersed in hypnotic aura.
  2. Morning walk with her, holding her waist, extending to her back, singing a love duet ( only humming), enjoying the cool breeze, with occasional kissing.
  3. Standing behind her in kitchen, while she cooks and scolds me to go away, sticking like a leech, sucking her neck , kissing her back, ignoring her warnings!
  4. In a comfy bed, under a blanket, both of us, cuddling, touching, kissing, tight hug, just sleeping naked, raining outside, all dark, lightening and we two alone.
  5. In the cinema hall, watching a chosen boring movie, playing with each other, on the top corner seat, my fingers in her hair, her hands on my chest, single pop corn tub, one pop corn, two mouth, one kiss… she on my lap…leaning…one popcorn, two months one seat…
  6. Sea shore, in our shorts, lying barefoot on sand,water coming, wetting our bodies, her leg on my legs mild morning sun, cool breeze…sexy life.
  7. Car parked in woods. No one near by. Front seat pulled down. Song on sterio. Kissing her upper lips,feeling her body, embracing her breath…
  8. Last metro,empty compartment,dark night, tired girlfriend,she sleeping on my lap and I clicking sleeping beauty for my private moments.
  9. We both watching movie at home. Suddenly tv mode changed, playing hey secret pics which I took without her permission, playing her messages which she wrote to me, playing her secret audio recording which I did without her knowing…fun and tears in one go…

Love is life. Life Is Romance.