Depends on Women.

A woman can never fathom a man’s mind and love. A man is both protector as well as seeker. He cares, protects but needs​ real love and passion.

  • We already live in fake cruel world.
  • We are in fight mode all the time.
  • We seek feminine side of women.
  • Men are different. We hide emotions, act tough, live in our cocoons. Men always have difficulty in communicating their inner thoughts.
  • We are not programmed to cry and express ourselves. Some times you need to dig to find our real state of mind.

We want soothing words. We want only Emotional support and not solutions to our problems. We are good enough to solve them all. We are logically strong but emotionally vulnerable.

Please tell us clearly about your mood. We are not mind readers. No it’s absolute bullshit, we can’t​ connect telepathically!

We at times live in our nothing box and literally do nothing…absolutely nothing…not even fantasying about sex! Understand that our mood doesn’t swing 222.5 times per hour to be precise. We have broader mood.

You have mood swings…we have mode swing. We are in cricket mode, office mode,sex mode, eating mode, sleeping mode etc etc. We can switch between modes…fast.

A woman has remarkable ability to love as well as hate some one at the same time!

We don’t have that….understand we have modes…love mode…hate mode…we can’t have multiple mood orgasm simultaneously…we are simple.

We always have your simplest version saved on our minds. To us our girls are simple, sweet and sexy.

No one loves like a man…when he really loves. Look all literature,romance novels, love sonnets etc are penned primarily by men. Never lose a true lover. You can never get him back once he changes his mind. Modes you know.