10 Ways Love is different for men and women

  1. For a man, love often starts with physicality. Men are visual, they need to see, touch and feel their lovers. We are ever bad with imagination barring porn and nudity.
  2. Women also like physical features but love is more internal to them. They ruminate on thoughts , revisit statements and always keep analyzing vocal and other sensory ideas. A woman in love has only one thought in her mind. He mind is like a spiderweb. Every thing she does or thinks has a central theme. If she is buying a dress, she might be buying to show it to ‘him’ next time she sees her.
  3. Men have compartmental mind. We are logical creatures. We have rooms for people in our mind.We think about ‘some one’ or some time then shut our mind or distract it to some other ‘interest’! We can turn off emotions for a while and go to sleep. That is why men need constant connection. Out of sight , out of mind is devised for men in love.
  4. Men are emotional and feel intense bouts of emotions at times. We are in for intensity and women are in for consistency but not always that intense. They can put love in background, like back ground music. We have difficulty in putting you in back ground but if we hear your ‘tunes’ believe me it is very strong.
  5. For any woman,If you want to test whether you love some one, name the person about whom you think about most of your time.
  6. If a man loves a woman he surely talks about her to everyone he knows once in a while. Women keep it inside and discuss preferably with BFF, while men are expressive and express it one way or another.
  7. Ever wondered why men keep asking about your pics even if they have countless of yours. They are visual and have difficult time imagining you in ‘perfect’ short skirts!
  8. Secondly men are a bit authoritative and possessive (read protective). They want your personal pictures just to make sure they are till present!
  9. Men also ruminate but about different love interest. We can’t help it,is hormonal. Ask any man about his latest crush and be sure he plays a movie clip. Off course there is a central girl but there are many others in the equation. Secret : For non committed males, the central girl keeps changing!
  10. Women have vertical lists. They have order of preference. We don’t have such order of preference but one main girl and a lot many others as substitutes. Men are players and all they want is two balls to play, at least in the beginning of relationship i.e. courting stage.

But when love is accomplished and reaches its epitome, all these distinctions vanish.

True love has only one color. It does take a lot of time to these filters to vanish. If love is true, it takes a long time to come as well as go.

Beware…dangerous Ishq….Love is tough…