I loved many girls. Had physical relationships ​with quite a few. But in any case I never broke their trust.

Even after breakup I never subscribed to revenge porn or disclosed their sensitive details to any one any where.

None of their photos or love letters or sensitive chats or whatever had never been revealed to outter world. Even though none of those wonderful girls never betrayed me but even if that was the case, I would have done the same.

I can break your heart but never your trust. Those moments are my personal treasure. I can never hate some one once I loved them.

Life may pull us apart, our equation might change, we may become enemies but trust is most important for me than love.

I have seen more nude videos in private WhatsApp groups than any where else. The video sent by trusting lovers end up over there as ego boost. It feels disgusting. Love has become a commodity.

Secondly cheap hotels sell your privacy to fulfill their loss.

Anyway that’s my point. I still have love letters written by my girlfriends, cute short note, gifts,soft toys with heart sign, greeting cards, private pictures etc. I guess those girls understood my basic nature. I’m happy to lived upto their expectations.

I urge all out there who are in love or have ensnared innocent girls in love. They have already made a mistake to fall in love with you. Don’t make them porn stars by sharing their private pictures. They may end up in their Dad’s mobile.

Again to the girls out there, with out complete trust do not share your nude videos. You are never sure that each one in your college might have seen your essentials.

There are exceptions and they will always exist but better safe than sorry.