7 dark side effects of falling in love you don’t know

  1. Sleepless nights (initial stage of love when love is a ‘baby’ and lover is ‘honey’).
  2. Restlessness all the time (If the two can’t meet for long).
  3. Jealousy (Initial stage of love when parameters and basic nature is not defined).
  4. Extreme pain due to neglect (In case of partner have different sensibilities. One is too sensitive for connection while other is too ‘busy’ for all this juvenile stuff!).
  5. Sherlock Holmes effect : If one partner is overtly possessive, they become Sherlock. Always spying, stalking, forming different opinions about online behavior, using imagination to preview partner in different scenarios with people of opposite sex.
  6. Seclusion effect : Lovers usually make a small world of their own with their partners. They live in that utopian world all day and all night. They constantly think about their lovers and are often socially self secluded.
  7. Mismatch emotional state effect : Some time one partner is happy while other is said. This creates many difficulties and often be taken as insensitivity.

Love is homeopathic dose of pain. If it doesn’t pains, it isn’t love.