1. Hey was accidentally missing you…You know my bad driving skills…!
  2. Don’t smile too much to strangers…they don’t know you are a serial killer!
  3. Haven’t listened a good music for a while ? Can you call me once please…!
  4. Hey … if you have stopped thinking about me…call now!
  5. They say never praise a sexy and beautiful girl…Hence a straight ‘How are you ?’
  6. I love myself, because you love me!
  7. I just wrote a long love letter to you…download your mind reading app…now!
  8. Oh you are smiling now…great my mind reading app works perfectly!
  9. You hate jerks but you love me. Love is most confusing equation of life!
  10. Yes,yes…your friend is sexy now.. I admit…and yes teach her more ‘how to be sexy!’

PS : Not related to anyone living or dead. All based on imagination.