Human behavioral psychology.

I envy my kids. They would know all before 10 which I know at my age!

No one teaches you functional psychology. This so called ‘pop’ psychology is the only thing in psychology which works!

Humans are irrational and we must all know how our mind behaves. This not only helps us to understand others behavior but our own mind too.

We all are irrationally emotional beings. I always say ‘Mind o mind you never fail to amuse me!’.

Great leaders,actors,businessmen, almost all accomplished people have one thing in common : high emotional IQ.

Understanding how mind really works is thrilling,covetous and dangerous. I warn you, the temptations to misuse you demonous power to control people is addictive. Stay at safe distance from human psychology of your evil mind is not in your control.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Peter parker