9 things which make me happier living in India.

I have been out of India (Dubai, UAE).

  1. India is a country of color and spices. People are more friendly here. Even though they might not disturb you unnecessarily , I can easily stop anyone on street and ask for any small help. We are very less formal. We are colorful people, we love life, we love our food,our culture and off course girls are much pretty over here.
  2. Our movies have melodious songs and emotional story line.We are not always busy in saving the world by Martians!. We value love and family too much.
  3. India is diverse. We have all 16 climate of the world here. We have sea, we have snow and off course we have desert. We have infinite diversity in income levels too! We have billionaires and also poor people, at times living next to each other (At least in Mumbai). We have smart cities, advanced airports and a lot of modern amenities. I don’t know why west is obsessed with poor India,hungry India.
  4. We have one of the most hard working and intelligent people on this earth. I do not want to replicate lists which include how many Indians work in Microsoft,Google and NASA. I also want to refrain myself from mentioning about Sunder Pichai and Satya Nadella.
  5. Yes we are poor (developing) country but multiple projections boldly predict India to be a superpower by 2040.Our growth rate is close to 7% which means we are doubling every 10 years. We have only one way to go and that is up.
  6. India was one of the world’s leading country for about 3000 years. We were called golden sparrow. My bold prediction is that, given Indian intellect, we will be same by 2060. For the last 2000 years we were at top spot for 16 times and twice second! At one time India controlled 33% of total world’s export. We earned that gold dam it and it was not minted! India was a business driven economy and not agriculture driven (false media flag).
  7. Only reason we are in this situation is because of our generosity and kindness.We welcomed others as guests and they looted us! We were simple honest people and hence they took advantage of us.You know east India company took 9 ships full of gold from our country!
  8. People say that English invaded us and made us more civilized. Who invades a poor country ? Why don’t US invades Africa and make them civilized ? Why they invade Iraq for oil ? We come for ulterior motives. India was rich and hence they came!
  9. We have it in our genes. However hard world might try, we are unstoppable. Yes now we have learnt our lessons. We are also cunning now. It is only matter of time and world knows this.

Do you have any other ideas ?