I have different reservations.

  1. We all have element of good and evil within us. We are selectively nice to people. If you like someone you will be nice to them. But if someone likes you and you don’t, usually you put them in trash basket. It is very convenient to judge people based on their behavior towards us and not vice versa. We are color blind with respect to oneself and our approach is always inwards.
  2. Barring philosophy we tend to get fascinated with people who complete what is lacking in ourselves in a way which seems grandiox to us. For example nice girl might fall for a jerk because his masculinity and confidence is something the girl may lack internally and might want a escape from her own reality through him.
  3. We love based on our inherent complimentary and supplementary needs. Lovers must compliment on certain parameters and supplement on others.

Falling in love is not under our direct control. It happens. There is a science of art of love. You must know some psychological principles to save your heart from falling in love with wrong people. Sometimes the people who are best for are us are so near to us that we fail to recognize them. Yes things which are too close to us makes us shortsighted and foolish.

  • Accept that people have flaws. Accept them with their limitations.
  • If someone or something is too good to be true, too perfect, probably they are like that.
  • Remember your ability to think rationally ends the moment you fall in love. Hence use discretion before it’s too late. It’s not possible to stop falling in love with people. But it is possible to delay the onset and test them more before giving up your emotional control.