Weird behaviour

  1. People behave in odd fashion if you love them so much without their conscious effort. You know people value only those thing for which they have worked hard.
  2. Almost all of us are insecure from inside. Sometimes when someone loves us totally and without expectations, we tend to derive validation from them. Only two confident and emotionally independent people can fall in love with each other. In rest of the cases, their will be an imbalanced relationship.
  3. Love is a balancing act. Never give people unconditional love without them earning it and secondly never give precious stuff like love free to anyone. You may love them totally but wait for them to fall in love with you. We call this intricate process as seduction or mind games. Remember love is also selfish until completed.
  4. Never lose your self respect before love. No one likes a person who can even put his self worth at stake for the ‘non existent’ love. Remember lover and potential lover are two entirely different things.
  5. The best response to cure weird behaviour is to do similar weird stuff. If love is true, they will soon come on track.
  6. Golden rule of love : Never love anyone who treats you like ordinary. If someone is not totally interested in you (For whatever reasons), it’s highly likely that they will drift further if you show them more love. Only way to attract the lover who doesn’t love you back is to neglect them often and let them realise you value. Remember , people fall in love with you in your absence (Irrelevant note : Just like vanishing Arpita Arya!).

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I don’t know whether love is blind or dumb but I know one thing for sure that in any game, if one i splaying from heart and other from mind, mind shall win always.

Use you mind before surrendering your heart.