Love changed my life only once (with Bengali Damsel).

In other times love changed my mind!

Love of teen age is the real love out there folks. Once we become adults our mind takes over our heart. Then whenever we fall in love, there is a conflict between mind and heart. Till this age we all have bitter sweet experiences about love. Every new love story after that has a comparison point.

However hard we deny, there is an unconscious mind in our psyche which guided our reactions and responses,indirectly. Many times we are not even aware of this. The problem with explaining love is that we are trying to explain emotions in words, which can never be done consistently. It is like describing smell of flower mathematically.

Thus love has enhanced my understanding of human psychology.

Love is our strongest emotion and to understand love is same as understanding mind.

True love still exists but to get that love is a daunting task now a days. The capitalist media has corrupted our minds. We need methods to detox our own mind and others mind to smooth sail in love. These methods are called seduction techniques.

If someone is using these techniques to get true love then it’s fine and the saying ‘Everything is fair in love and war’ is apt. Look it says ‘in love’ and not in ‘game’. These tweaks only make your life easy and cannot change ‘game’ to ‘love’ and vice versa. It is just like studying hard for an exam or cheating hard for an exam. The difference is your intention and not the techniques.

How seduction works and hacks mind of anyone to make them fall in love with you ?

  • Seduction is emulation of process of true love but without much fuss and drama.
  • Seduction is simulated love. When we fall in love certain pattern is followed by mind. We like people, then sometimes ignore them to make them realize our value. Other times get really pissed off by their reactions. Then again rapprochement etc.
  • Love is in itself a mating game. Seduction is understanding of this mind game. With the knowledge about seduction, we understand what is really happening in love and how to not panic.

Now for true love, seduction techniques are just soothing to mind but these methods can be used to make someone fall in love with you on false attributes. I can make people fall in love with me using seduction methods (I have done several times in my college when I was immature and the power was new and enticing) and use them for my pleasure .This is where seduction gets bad rep and name.

Now few soothing points.

  • People high in empathy and EQ are almost immune to these methods. They can read intentions and feelings.
  • Also people who have very nice and clear heart are also immune to these methods. Nature has give genuine (really genuine) people innate ability to spot these methods.
  • For other people who are not 100% pure at heart (very rare), these techniques work like charm. Hence these methods apply to almost 90% of people!

Here lies the danger. I urge people to learn about these methods not to get 22 girl/boy friends but to save yourself from someone using these devilish methods on you. World is cruel and knowledge is power. After learning these methods you might get the idea that you were also a victim.

Only love fulfills, rest is illusion.

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