No one’s girl friend (in general) or my girl friend in particular (at any point of time) is/was never special. They are just ordinary people with dreams and likes of a common girls. They how come they look so special to you ?

You project your idealism of your lover onto them!

Don’t believe. Okay take a test (Both Genders).

Recall your previous boy friend or even before that. Now are they that special to you now as they were then ? No!

Same person has become ordinary for you now! Look at their pictures and they are not special!

In essence you loved your idealism and not them. This is called ‘Oneitis’ in dating community. It occurs to both boys and girls. This is dangerous.

It happened to me quite a few times and hard lessons I learnt from them.

  • You are thinking about them day in and day out and they are not that much invested. Its like obsessive disorder.
  • As soon as another person discovers your ‘oneitis’ they become arrogant. When mutual this becomes love, when not mutual it becomes obsession and validation.

You are the most special person out there.Everything else comes second.