1. True love revisits after four months. If not, love was not true. Haven’t heard from your ex in last four months, forget them.
  2. We fall in love with those people really hard whom we avoid falling in love. Try not to fall in love with anyone!
  3. Lust dies in absence of physical body. Relationship dies in absence of mutual interest. True love deepens in absence of lover. How contradictory !
  4. One quality of true love. You can hop at thousands places. You can be with dozens of people. You can have micro crushes at 36 events. But only thing which always comes back is true love. True love finds its rhythm into your heart and soul. You can change the tune but never the instrument. Love is like dance. When dancer and dance become one, we experience true divine love. However foolish this might sound. However hard you might relate it to ‘oneitis’ or needy beta male; only this kind of mutual true love give real pleasure. I pity girls and boys out there. If you haven’t experienced this kind of love, even sex with 1000 partners is waste of time. It’s comparing nectar to lemon juice. Even though I teach grey psychology to some of distressed guys and girls; I have written a book on the subject and writing one more, I still cherish those times when I was in that state of mind of true love. Psychology soothes to mind and love soothes to heart. Ahh.. What you are missing my fellas!
  5. I always maintain, however tricks you play, whatever mind games you employ, if it is not leading to true love, all is a waste.


PS : Everything is fair in love and war.

What are things a person should not chase in life?