Sex gives you pleasure. It releases dopamine in your mind (pleasure hormone). Friendship or deep bonding increases oxytocin, the bonding hormone.

What does true real unadulterated love does ?

It gives you ultimate peace. If I have someone, anyone, who loves me unconditionally, without expectation,irrespective for anything and everything. loves me only and not my personality, my outer cover but my inner soul, I will be at perfect bliss. This kind of love is perfect.

If I truly love someone, I shall never

  1. Think about any one else let alone look and talk. I will talk but superficially, my total focus will be on that one person only.
  2. I will never doubt her that she might be cheating with me in her college or office or in gym or at shopping mall. I will be at exact peace.
  3. We will become one with no boundaries whatsoever ever.I give , I give all. Never count and never want back whatever I gave you.

But why it never happens in real life or is rare ?

Because it has to be mutual. The mutual intense love is required.

I was lucky I found quite a bit times but sadly I ever missed whim I loved and never missed with whom I played (and love both) or only played.

Ahh…mind o mind you never fail to amuse me. Same girl , same me, true love and I am ditched. Same girl, same me (second attempt), a bit of mind game and she is mine.

Who wants such robotic love ?

At least I don’t.

I did experimented in my youth (after nice guy phase was over) with almost 100% success rate. I see a girl, have a chat and she is mine!. It was undoubtly intoxicating in the beginning.

The nice guy with no girl friends in his life was all of a sudden flooded with lady attention every where. A few Alpha male tricks, some little mind games, some conversational hacks, a bit of NLP, little seduction and some little rules and bang, you are new player!

But honestly speaking, what ever PUAs call it, onetitis or Beta male love or needy love or whatever, I still cherish those days when I used to think 24/7 about Sanchita. She was always in my mind. It was two sided.But it was soothing. That was real love. It’s good to have lady attention, it (feels) good to have many girlfriends but in the end true love soothes the heart.

Now when I know that to seduce a girl is easy and boring, I hate why I learnt these methods. Its like getting tempted by devil and then hating every thing afterwards. Every player was always a very good lover and in the end they transform to very good lover again. The journey from zero to hero to again forced zero is both despair as well as pleasure.

But every nice guy and girl must know these methods. I suggest never to use them since it corrupts your mind with its raw power. Its so effective that you start stealing girlfriends of others.

If sex fulfils truly then every morning we shall not see so many worried and tensed faces.