In career :

  • It took long time for me to have courage to start my own business. I really regret that. I wasted lot of my time for paychecks. A brand take 5 years to establish in any market. Initially payoff is low but it grows exponentially afterwards. I am still learning.
  • Second mistake while in job was to trade experience for money. To earn more I switched jobs more often. My salary grew but not my experience. I also preferred big companies in lieu of new ventures. The learning opportunity and challenges are very few in big companies. In smaller companies challenges are more and you learn multiple streams like business development and communication skills. Big companies are like zoo. You are fed well but you never learn to hunt on your own. For an entrepreneurial spirit this becomes doubly important.

In love

  • Never give too much to anyone. It feeds to their ego and depletes your self respect. We are humans and we operate primarily with mind. We can never set off our ego or turn off our mind completely.
  • You will come across one special person or girl in your life for whom you will feel that they complete you, they are different,simple, innocent,egoless,out of this world. You will feel that ‘ yes, now here is the girl I was waiting for!’. Don’t buy that crap! All are same. We all are human and no one is special. And this is natural. In this cruel world how can one survive without all the tricks of the trade? People behave selectively, they may be nice and loving and good to you but they know all the games! They can use you too if they find you weak. Hence keep testing and no expectations.
  • Whenever heart says yes but mind says no…go with the mind. Whenever heart says no but mind says yes…go with the heart. Our gut feel is almost right abstaining decisions but not in matter of assertion. When we want something badly our senses get marred by greed and need. When we have no greed associated,heart is usually right.
  • Love is a long process. Until it is over you need to keep check off your feelings and investment. Getting sex from a girl is a bad test of love now a days. Earlier when chastity was honored it was a better test. Now the scarcest resource any one have is time. You can measure someone’s love for you by amount of time they devote to you. Sex is too cheap to measure love! I prefer 10 hours from my girlfriend than three rounds of hot sex.
  • Love has changed with the advent and evolution of social media. You can never tell how many WhatsApp numbers your lover has and what he or she does behind the curtains. Cheating is too easy to do and hide. Thus learn some mind games else be ready to be dumped and doomed.

In life

  • People care for non living things like money and cars and forget/neglect their own body. I still regret the wasted years in McD and subway. I also regret the unnecessary hard work to increase numbers in my mobile banking app. I wish I would have continued with my physical workout without giving a break in between. I’m now active again but lost time never comes back.
  • I wasted too much time in following my true love. She did loved me but I was never practical. She was younger (age gap), different state (Bengal) language,culture and many other aspects. I thought love shall surpass all odds. But my friend everyone is not that strong. Hence brothers,career first.

Frame it on your bedroom wall. CAREER FIRST. Love is too much. Don’t worry.