Warren Buffet said ‘saving for old age is like saving sex for old age’.

It is fine to invest, be frugal and save for blue times, but it is equally important to enjoy life in every moment.

We are slaves to our house loans and car loans. Ask anyone having home loan that how it feels to skip that ice cream so as to pay for EMI.

  1. Don’t take loans which you cannot pay back in 5 years. You will become slave of bank for life. You can never leave job,try business or pursue a hobby. Your boss will exploit this knowledge to pressurise you to do ‘extra’ for nothing extra. Your dreams will die and you will worry about EMI more than your yearly health check-up. If you can’t buy anything in cash, don’t take a loan. Principle number one for economic freedom. Never sign your life for a piece of paper, never. How many of you having mortgage for more than 10 years want to reverse your decision?
  2. Save but enjoy right now. Don’t fall in crappy advertisement of having fun at retirement at Bangkok! With high BP, Diabetes,heart disease,low testosterone,low libido,low energy, you will prefer living in home than in Bangkok! They are selling false dream. No one ever travelled the world at 60 with retirement corpus. Yes they did paid for that stunt in their heart. Hierarchy for life
    1. Go to school
    2. Get a degree
    3. Get a job
    4. Get a loan according to your salary so as half of your salary goes to bank.
    5. Get a retirement pension plan.
    6. Get diseases due to undue stress of job.
    7. In old age spent money of retirement on treatment of ailments!
    8. Sounds familiar!
  3. Big universities owned by elites give you degree. Their banks give you loan to get degree. Their corporations give you job to pay that loan back. The banks give you further loan to buy apartments and cars owned by companies of same/similar elites. You get ill by eating out at McD and KFC and other junk in the process, owned by same/similar elites. At old age you pay to big pharma to get cured! Sounds familiar! Follow the money. If investing in property is profitable then why don’t banks invest themselves? If property prices earn more than mortgage then why don’t they invest themselves? Because this is a trap to make you slave for life.

A thirty year old executive takes loan of 80 lakhs for 30 years. At sixty he gets possession of a house, multiple diseases and nothing but mental satisfaction of owning a house in which he would live another 20 years waiting for death!

You only live once…