I am gonna give you counter advice. Bear with me.

Why free and paid promotions are dangerous and not worth it ?

1. Free promotions are used by audience who are not real and avid readers. They are skimmers and just like any web forum, they just skim your information. They don’t value your work plus they are never going to recommend your work to others. Further they are not taken seriously any where because they are not deemed serious readers.

2. Paid reviews and promotions are dangerous. They do not serve the purpose. You don’t get real review of your work plus they never really share your work. Sales are directly affected by shares and organic traffic. If every book (by relatively new and unknown author ) has got 5 star reviews and no best seller rank,good readers assume that it is paid promotion or paid review.

3. Book cover matters but I guess what matters the most is an attractive title. If ‘Atlas shrugged’ would have been renamed ‘A corporate love story’, I guess the readers would be a lot less. Only thing that counts is book description and tag line. Don’t try to be too perfect when you are new and it’s only your first book.People are forgiving to those who accept their limitations but not to those who fool by sexy cover design but no real substance.

4.Marketing works when served as information and not selling. When you are a small brand and then want more people to know about it, paid marketing is appropriate.Further a high quality cover may raise expectations of customers and then they might get disappointed.

There is a saying in corporate world that ‘A CEO who promises 60% but delivers 40% is punished but the one who promises 20% but delivers 40% is rewarded!’

In book world only slow and steady wins. Want to earn few 100 dollars, go and follow normal route.Want to become best seller, focus on quality.

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